Residential & Commercial Safes

At Anchor Security & Locksmith, we are your Lake Norman Access Control Specialists! We provide an assortment of access controls; from heavy duty locks and screens to software based deadbolts and safes of all kind. Visit our showroom in Cornelius for your entire lock, key, safe and security repair and replacement needs. Customer service is our focal point, we promise to provide you with the best access control that fits your budget.

In this video, Jason (our owner) talks about our inventory of safes. We have a large selection of 1 hour, 2 hour fire and burglary safes available in our showroom. We keep an ample inventory and can order any wall safe and floor safe for any security application, commercial or residential.

We also keep in stock a very nice array of gun safes and depository safes. Our premium gun safes have a 1 hour fire proof barrier, is made of 10 gauge steel with a high gloss granite finish, with a heavy duty combination lock.

We specialize in safes and keep a variety of different brands and models in stock to choose from. We also provide delivery and installation for safes. If you are moving and want to take your safe with you, we can move it for you.

We stock or can order and deliver any commercial or residential safe and have it installed in your home or place of business within a week in most cases. If we don’t have it, we can get it!

We appreciate you watching our video and hope you will come back as we add more videos on a regular basis.


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