Keypad Installation

Security and access control go hand in hand. Safely accessing your property without any stress or drama is what we provide our customers!

In this video, Jason Cornell our owner and head locksmith, has installed a gate keypad to an existing entrance gate at a Lake Norman home. This particular gate previously had a cumbersome garage door style system for access control. This left the homeowners uncomfortable so they sought our help to secure the access point.

Notice that Jason turned the camera away from the keypad as he captured this video. Every aspect of our client’s privacy and security is taken into consideration; from a simple video shoot to a major security installation, we keep the things you treasure most safe.

Gate keypads are an item we keep in stock and we can order almost any keypad available, we can help you choose the best keypad for your needs. Making certain you are secure without any sales pressure, that’s Anchor Security & Locksmith!

The keypad Jason installed has a “Guest Code” option, the homeowner can easily set a unique code and share it with the landscaper, maid or a contractor, and the guest simply enters their code for access to the property. Upon completion, the guest enters their unique code and the gate closes behind them, securing the property once again.

If your home’s current entry points have you feeling less then secure, call us for a free inspection and quote. Being proactive now can save a lot of stress later.