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Master Rekey

Do you need to have multiple keys operate the same lock cylinder. We can help.

Lock Installations

Make sure your business is in compliance with ADA and/or Fire codes.  We can install the correct hardware on your doors.

Furniture Keys

File cabinet, desk and skeleton keys made by code and from scratch. Call or visit or store for more details.


Install, replace, repair and adjust all closer’s, exit devices, hinges, pulls and many other hardware items found on your door. Please call with any and all questions.

Access Control

The ability to open doors by means other than a mechanical key. The use of codes via keypad, proximity card readers, key fobs, remote access and many


We carry a good selection of commercial safes for sale and install in our Cornelius store. From Heavy Duty safes to floor and wall safes, we have a variety to choose from and we are always happy to demonstrate any model you like.

Keys & Locks

Securing your business location means protecting your inventory and assets. If you’ve just purchased a new space, we can rekey all the locks on one master key. Or if expanding an existing location, we can make sure any additional doors match your current master key. This approach works well if you have only a few keyholders. Other reasons to rekey include a new renter, disgruntled employee, lost key, break-in, new office lease, and change of vendor who has access to your property (e.g., cleaning service).

Our mobile locksmith will remove the tumbler mechanisms in your locks and rekey them on-site. Costs are based on labor and the number and brand of locks. We can give you an estimate over the phone and then confirm it when we arrive. Here are some advantages of commercial rekeying:

  • Access control
  • Less expensive than new locks
  • Faster than installing new locks
  • Extremely effective

For larger businesses, you may want to consider access control—which uses a keypad, proximity card readers, and/or key fobs along with remote access. If you’re unsure which option will match your needs, our technician can visit your business and make a recommendation.

We also install the correct hardware on your door to meet ADA and/or fire codes.

Often these keys are lost over time. Our mobile locksmith can make your filing cabinet keys, desk keys, and skeleton keys by code and from scratch. Call or visit our store in Cornelius for more details.

Furniture Keys

Access Control

If you have a lot of employees in and out of your business, especially at odd times of the day or night, you may want to consider access control—the use of keypads, proximity card readers, and key fobs—instead of a mechanical key.

Access control has three distinct advantages over traditional keys: it tracks who enters your business and at what time and provides you with the ability to lock your business remotely so that no one can have access during certain hours. Each employee can be given a distinct code, proximity card, or key fob that is used every time they enter your business. Via your computer, you can view all activity and even activate and deactivate locks. You can also decide that during certain hours, certain people will not have access to your business.

The way this commonly works is that a school may provide the same general-access fobs for all teachers that work before, during, and after school, say from 7am-5pm. After that time, the teachers’ fobs cease working but the administrators’ fobs, which are coded differently, work 24/7 in case of emergencies. Further security can be attained giving each teacher and administrator their own distinct fob or code so that you can even tell exactly who entered the school. Other fobs can be coded for volunteers and limit access to only certain buildings.

Our specialist will access your needs and then recommend which plan will provide you with a high level of security at the lowest cost.

You probably don’t think much about your doors until they bind on the doorframe, swing open unexpectedly, or squeak at the hinges. All of these issues are caused by an improperly installed door. Using the wrong screws can cause a door to rub and scrape over time and even cause warping. And if a door doesn’t nest well into the casing, threshold, and door jamb, you’ll either have a door that sticks or one that swings open by itself. Either of these scenarios can cause your business’ heat or air conditioning to leak, resulting in higher energy costs.

A properly installed and repaired door can also be an impediment to burglaries. Gaps can give unwanted visitors a way to pry open the door. We can ensure the integrity and security of your exterior and interior doors.

Our mobile locksmith units have all the tools and technology on hand to enable us to install, replace, repair, and adjust all doors, exit devices, hinges, pulls, and many other hardware items found on commercial doors. We will get the job done right and on time.



Satisfied Customers

They are our go-to locksmith for everything from key copies to high security locks for our business. Very knowledgeable, and genuinely nice people.

Bridger B.

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They knew exactly how to install access control on the business I work at and it works great! I also lost my keys to my car and they got there that day to make me new ones. Highly recommend them on any job from keys, car lock out’s and all the way up to access control. 

Timothy C.

Review on Google

Anchor Security & Locksmith knows their business, from commercial to residential, and even hard to find Euro Key Fob Programing, and Key Cutting. Jason Clayton-Cornell , Kathleen Walsh, and the team are experts in their field, and run an honest local business…thanks Anchor!

Paul M.

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