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Crimsafe Window Screens
Crimsafe Window Screens

We support and install Crimsafe security screens for 1 simple reason…THEY WORK!  “Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated” is a term that applies very well to the Crimsafe product line.  They have patented such a remarkable product that it was inevitable that other security product manufacturers would attempt to replicate it, but those attempts failed miserably, especially in the quality department.

Why is Crimsafe the best home security screens available?  Simple, it’s all in the design or shall I say the quality of the materials and the design.  Crimsafe is the only security screen product where the mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down with a patented device called the “Screw-Clamp™ “.  Most other security screen mesh systems are held in place with a wedge or glue.

Attempts to break through a Crimsafe home security screen by physically trying to knock it out of the frame will not work because the screws are drilled through the steel mesh screen and into the other side of the frame with enough torque that their patented Screw-Clamp™ bites into the mesh screen to form a near unbreakable hold.

When we install Crimsafe window and door screens on 1st floor entry points of a home, it literally becomes a fortress!  Watch this Crimsafe video on their Dynamic Impact Test:

If you are considering access control via your windows, doors or other home entry points, call me personally or stop by our showroom for a demonstration of the Crimsafe line of products.


Jason Cornell
Licensed Locksmith
Anchor Security & Locksmith