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Home Security Tips By A Locksmith

Home Security Tips
Home Security Tips


  • Make sure deadbolts are properly installed on every exterior door.
  • Consider replacing screen doors with iron or steel security doors.
  • Using “Pyrex” or “Lexan” glass is a sturdier option for your basic glass on screen doors.
  • Door jambs tend to be a weak point when a door is kicked in or pried open. Make sure they are reinforced with long screws and sturdy wood.
  • “Charlie Bars” or long dowels should be placed in frames of sliding glass doors to prevent opening.
  • All doors should have a peep-hole viewer or camera to identify visitors before opening the door.


  • Always make sure to lock windows, even if you only intend to be out for a small period of time.
  • Thumb turn window locks or dowels are a good security measure for windows that have no lock mechanisms, or weak ones.
  • Keeping curtains and blinds closed at night can help to keep potential burglars observing into your home.
  • Screens that are damaged or falling out of the window frames should be replaced or mended when possible.


  • Make sure there is plenty of lighting along the outside perimeter of your home.
  • Alarm signs or decals, as well as “No Trespassing” or “Beware of Dog” signs can help deter criminals who may be profiling your home.
  • To limit potential hiding spots for burglars, keep trees and bushes trimmed back and remove any junk or clutter.
  • Cut up any large boxes from major purchases before throwing away. Left at the curb or by the trash, they can be a tip for burglars to target your home.

Other Security Tips:

  • A locking mail drop box is a great option to help prevent mail theft.
  • Surveillance cameras are becoming more affordable and much easier to install. Adding a system can be an excellent security addition.
  • Consider adding a basic burglary alarm system that communicates with an alarm monitoring central station.
  • Important documents, valuable items as well as firearms should be kept in a quality lock box or safe. The safe or lockbox should be bolted down to prevent the entire container from being stolen.
  • Review your insurance coverage with your insurance agent to make sure you are protected for all of the valuables in your home. (Alarm systems are a great way to get a discount on your home owners or renters insurance.)

Jason Cornell
Licensed Locksmith
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