Key & Lock Services Lake Norman

Key & Lock Services
Key & Lock Services

A good portion of our job involves the key, re-keying or the creation of access keys for our customers.  There are literally thousands of keys, shapes, sizes and functions available so many that most people get stressed out when they realize a new key must be created.  Then they are impressed at how we do it, how fast in many cases and how affordable it is.

Take for example: a friend of a friend needed a key made for a motorcycle.  The key was lost and the owner figured he would just replace the ignition switch, so he cut the wires.  My friend told him about us and our services, even asked him for the switch because he was going to be in the area the next day.  I obtained the Suzuki motorcycle ignition switch from my friend and we talked for a minute or two.  He asked that I call him when it’s ready and the owner would pick up the new key and ignition switch, I stopped him mid-step when I said “It’s Ready”.

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