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Rekeying a Lock

Rekeying a Lock
Rekeying a Lock

Rekeying is changing a lock so a different key will open it.  Rekeying is often requested when a property owner is concerned that unwanted or unauthorized people have keys to their locks.  The lock can be rekeyed so that only the new keys will work.  In many cases, we can change the tumbler inside the lock so a new key works and the old one don’t.  Rekeying is done without replacing the entire lock.

Rekeying is one of our many specialties; it’s also pretty popular since it can turn out to be more cost and/or time effective in a lot of situations.

Lock replacement on rental properties can be very expensive and rental property owners like to acknowledge to new tenants that their rental home has been rekeyed and only authorized people have access.  That’s a big comfort level and expense new tenants should not endure.  It is actually good practice to rekey you locks every 5 years.

Another reason to rekey is when there are multiple locks and keys, most people prefer not to carry around or fumble through a large ring of keys.  We can rekey your home locks so a single key opens every lock and easily make duplicate keys for your family.

Reasons to rekey your lock:

  • Had a break-in
  • Lost key
  • Moving into a new home (especially when it’s a home that’s previously been occupied)
  • It’s been 5 years or more

If you have any questions of concerns regarding rekeying or security, please give us a call!  At Anchor Security & Locksmith, we provide security services with the experience and professionalism you expect and appreciate.

Jason Cornell
Licensed Locksmith
Anchor Security & Locksmith